About Us

Ambition Enterprise Co., Ltd is a plastic machinery and mould exporter and supplier from China. The factory got ISO9001 quality management system certificate. We provide all-around solution for plastic industry. Now we are supplying the following Plastic machinery and moulds.


Automatic blow moulding machine, fully-automatic stretch blow moulding machine and semi-automatic blow moulding machine, Plastic injection moulding machine, Plastic pipe extrusion line, plastic pelletizing line, compounding extrusion line, labelling machine & leak detector and other plastic auxiliary machines, etc.


Plastic automotive mould, plastic pipe fitting mould, plastic PET preform mould, plastic cap mould, plastic crate mould, plastic chair mould, plastic pellet mould, plastic bucket mould, plastic jerrican blow mould, plastic bottle blow mould, plastic IBC drum blow mould, plastic tool box blow mould, etc.

Now we have exported above machinery and moulds to the following countries and have a good reputation with clients. Such as USA, Germany, England, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Spain, Indian, Turkey, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Egypt, etc.

Ambition Enterprise Co., ltd have a strong and professional team who are specialized in the engineering and machinery field, who can provide satisfactory service and solution to your equipment and investment in the machinery or mold. Our machinery and mold will create more profit and perfect products for you.