The blow moulding machine industry is moving toward multi-layer and barrier applications. “Coextrusion blow moulded, barrier, single-serve containers can be produced at a lower cost than comparable containers made using coinjection, barrier, stretch blow moulding,” says Bob Miller of Business Development Associates, a packaging consulting firm. “In addition, the growing trend of using full-body shrink labels eliminates any issues previously associated with gloss or clarity requirements of the container; thus, potentially favouring extrusion blow moulded polyolefin containers over PET.” Product designers, material suppliers and machinery manufacturers are now integral in the conversion process for testing, material evaluations and package performance. To meet the demand for new product development, Wilmington has equipped its laboratory with two multilayer machines for packaging and industrial applications. Additional process engineering, design engineers and a new field service manager support the overall turnkey efforts. “The focus at Wilmington Machinery is delivering the finished part. That means providing complete blow moulding production lines that meet customers’ expectations, regardless of how demanding,” says Newman, a 20-year veteran of high output blow moulding systems. “Innovations in multi-layer blow moulding systems and materials have opened the door for cost-effective conversion and package improvement opportunities that were not possible 5 years ago.”

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